Specific Services

Whelan Psychological Services provides assessment and therapy assistance to clients and their families in such areas as, but not limited to:

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As psychologists, we believe that treatment plans need to be based on an assessment of the nature and extent of client difficulties and whether formal diagnosis of a mental health disorder is warranted. In our experience, clients are often relieved when they understand and can accurately name their particular difficulties (e.g., depression, grief, or social anxiety) and have specific plans to resolve these problems. Often initial assessments are based on face-to-face interviews and brief psychological screening tests. In the case of longstanding problems (e.g., preoccupation with the consequences of childhood trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, persistent addiction, or recurrent episodes of depression) a comprehensive, broadly-based assessment is often warranted, including standardized psychological testing, interviews, review of relevant medical documentation, and consultations with family members and other health providers with your permission.

In each case, clients have the final decision of whether to proceed with formal assessments. Where the psychologist has concerns about attempting treatment without understanding your problems fully you will be advised. You have the right to seek a second opinion from another mental health provider and where possible we will attempt to refer you to other services.