Payment Information

There is a great demand for therapy services, whether referred by Employee Assistance Program (EAP) agents, Occupational Health Nurses (OHN) at the workplace, or by Family Physicians.

Clients are responsible for making and canceling their sessions. A 24-hour notice-of-cancellation is required by fax or by telephone. If clients fail to show or cancel an appointment within the 24-hour timeframe, that hour cannot be filled at the last minute. Therefore, there is a charge that will be billed for the lost appointment hour. Additional appointments can be arranged following payment for the missed session.

Making Payments

Self-Payment: Clients are usually expected to make payment at the end of every scheduled appointment by cheque or cash. A receipt suitable for insurance providers or accountants will be provided at that time.

* Please note that some rates may change to reflect those across the profession. Please verify by calling Office Manager.

Workplace Coverage: Clients may be referred by their workplace (e.g., EAP or OHN) for assessment and/or therapy. The extent of available coverage for these sessions will often be discussed between the referring agent and the client. Written confirmation of this coverage will need to be forwarded to our offices before the first scheduled session.

Third–Party Invoicing:
If clients prefer our office to invoice third-party insurance providers directly we will require:

  1. A signed Waiver Form.
  2. A faxed Confirmation of Acceptance from your carrier, indicating that third party billing by the provider will be permitted.
  3. This directive must include:

  • Your policy and client numbers.
  • The extent of coverage.
  • An accounting of available funds for you or other applicable family members.

To avoid confusion and to ensure that clients understand their obligations, a signed Client Agreement will be required at the beginning of the first scheduled appointment. This form is provided at our office.