About Us

We represent a group of psychologists who share a commitment to evidence-based practice and helping people with mental health struggles.

Whelan Associates provide psychological services to individuals, organizations and insurers on a direct referral basis (e.g., employers, insurance companies, family physicians, and self-referral).

We provide assessment and treatment services to HRM personnel (i.e., Police and Fire Services, 911 Dispatch, and EMS), Veterans Affairs Canada, Department of National Defence, RCMP Health Services, and HRM Community Services.

Whelan Associates provide group-based programs to clients of Veterans Affairs Canada and in 2005 was designated as Atlantic Canada provider in a joint VAC-DND initiative to address concurrent PTSD-addiction problems.  This program continues to be offered on an  out-patient basis.

Assessment of mental health concerns, as discrete problems or when comorbid with each other, are based on standardized assessment and adherence to DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) diagnostic criteria.